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State continues to crawl on Stardust

State continues to crawl on Stardust
By Eugene McGloin

‘CHE EST mort, la lutte continue;’ I’d bypassed French at Summerhill College but the phrase has stuck since ‘67.

To be honest, I’d more regard, then and now even, for Che Guevara than the penny catechism.

Of course, I could be persuaded (maybe) by new evidence to change my mind.

The campaigners in memory of the 48 young people who died in the 1981 Stardust Fire thought they had some new evidence. They still think it.

It seems hardly fair to blame any judge when all the dilly dalliers over four decades are all in the Dáil.

Weary World

Backbencher Tommy Broughan warned earlier this year that they were only ‘kicking the can down the road’ in sidestepping a new full inquiry.

The four decades since 1981 have -- without relent -- 'condemned' the survivors, the Stardust families to a weary, weary world of continuous campaigns.

Lonely Fight

How else to clear the names of all they loved and all those they lost. They've been left to fight the (lonely) fight. 

Their fight goes on after the latest in a litany of setbacks; their brightest hopes may be dead but the struggle continues, the words the poster said in French in ‘67.

The campaigners can take heart from how the decades eventually, eventually, got kinder to Guevara. 

Maybe the Dail will even propose to mint a stamp when the Stardust campaign is won.

Though we should remain respectfully mindful, too, of Robert Emmet’s admonition in another context re when/how such should only be done.

See Sligo Today 26/1/2017 and