Updated: 10/11/17 : 13:01:49
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World :: Italian thug arrested for attack on TV reporter (Video)

Italian police have arrested the brother of a jailed mobster in a Rome suburb for a bloody assault on a TV journalist that shocked the nation. GRAPHIC CONTENT VIDEO BELOW

Roberto Spada headbutted the Rai TV journalist, breaking his nose, then chased the film crew away, lashing out with a baton. The cameraman continued filming during the attack in Ostia.

Mr Spada is accused of grievous bodily harm "with mafia methods".

His brother Carmine is serving 10 years in jail for extortion and mafia links.

The injured journalist, Daniele Piervincenzi, was suddenly headbutted on Wednesday while asking Mr Spada whether his family had supported CasaPound, a far-right group.

Mr Spada was being interviewed on the doorstep of his local gym when he suddenly lashed out. "You've broken my nose," Piervincenzi groaned as the attack continued.

Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi tweeted the video of the attack, with the message: "The Spada clan's violence is unacceptable. Solidarity to the journalist and film-maker of @NemoRai2 attacked in Ostia. We will stop crime and extremism in Rome."

She plans to hold a rally on Saturday against violence in Ostia, a seaside town 22.5km (14 miles) from Rome. CasaPound won 9% of the vote in a local election there last Sunday,

Two years ago the Ostia town council was disbanded because it had been infiltrated by the mafia.