Updated: 11/11/17 : 06:08:50
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Firemen douse the doubts before spake by Leo

By Eugene McGloin
Political Editor

A QUICK check on Google shows up a few monikers with the name Leo attached.

There’s the obvious Leo the Lion while down Cork way after the summer leadership decider there quickly appeared a new one.

Leo the Langer came complete with a pencil sketch that is never gonna be on the shortlist for the next election poster.

Then yesterday was, the priest reminded us, the death and feast of Leo The Great.

One of his many key skills was to take heresy and chop it down in the buds. Hmm. 

Last night it was more like Leo The Grating than Leo The Great.

Damp Squib

The focus group(s) might like to note this floating voter wasn’t quite submerged or swamped by the Great One’s Gift of the Gab.

The first ever annual conference speech by Leo was a damp, damp squib.

It might assist the focus group that I choose to tune into BBC2 at 8.30pm as Leo began.

“Only Connect” is a superior class of quiz show; usually every week I get none correct. 

It is the sort of quiz show that, when contestants don’t know, they say “I don’t know.”

Can you remember the last time you heard a politician spake thus? Thought so.

Picked up the independent radio news and RTÉ One at 9pm to see if the earth had been shaken on its axis. 

Neither broadcaster led with Leo The Leader. Sound judgement by both as there was nothing seriously startling  it turned out, in his spake.

Douse Doubts

Earlier yesterday Fine Gael sent out the fire brigade twice to douse out any doubts about John Halligan staying on as a minister.

That followed a withering analysis of Halligan’s adventures  in Friday’s edition of The Irish Times by Noel Whelan.

Firemen Coveney and Flanagan had the task of making sure this controversy doesn’t make it to Sunday.

Otherwise, as Whelan suggested, Leo the Great might have to grab Halligan by the mane, come Monday, and chuck him out.

Fianna Fáil recognise Halligan as a gift.....to them; the gift that keeps on giving. 

In other words they will for the most part be happy to hold onto such a ‘blue on blue’ hitman. 

‘Blue on blue’ used to be better known as an own goal - an ‘og’ gift. 

Hopefully the green will get such a gift in Copenhagen tonight from the Danes.

Revenge for 1014 and Brian Boru losing the head and all that. We owe the Danes a drubbing!

Readers - for the next 21 days - can see the Taoiseach's speech on RTÉ Player HERE

Link: See Sligo Today 10/11/2017.