Updated: 17/11/17 : 06:12:52
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French girls take over IT Sligo campus for a day

On the 9th of November, seven French Erasmus students organised an innovative event entitled Girls Take Over Day in support of Because I’M A Girl charity, linked to Plan Ireland International.

This day was dedicated to raise awareness towards difficulties faced by women and girls all around the world.

Students and lecturers had the opportunity to express themselves on an interactive wall art by writing their experiences or thoughts and also to donate to the charity.

“As a man, I feel the emancipation of woman is the real freedom for humanity” highlighted one of the participants.

Thanks to the contribution of local businesses: Cait & I, Mullaney Brothers and O’Hehirs, over a hundred of people have filled in a quiz related to women’s daily life and entered the raffle.

Finally, a concert at the canteen was performed by the emerging band The Well Dressed Hobos to gather everyone.

            Maurane Bettin, Emma Bettin, Iris Legrand, Valentine Cerato, Joanna Sweeney,
         Thâo-phûong Duong, Annabelle Viallon and Manon Brier 
Photo: Lucas Light Photography

The aim of the day was to create awareness for the charity and a presentation was on display in Aurivo Auditorium at IT Sligo all about the International issues they are currently working on.

“We did make this day count by outlining girls and women of the world’s issues. We have collected some donation but the most important part was that people heard and thought about those issues” said Maurane Bettin, one of the seven students on the programme.

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