Updated: 22/11/17 : 05:06:53
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'FG moves to abolish Irish neutrality and create EU army' - PBP Sligo

The Fine Gael government is about to take a decisive step in order to get rid of Irish neutrality and take part in moves to create a new EU army, that's according to the People Before Profit Area Representative for Sligo, Nigel Gallagher.

Mr Gallagher stated, "They will soon try to win a vote in the Dáil to allow them to enter a new military arrangement known as Permanent Structured Co-Operation (PESCO). This is a dangerous escalation in military planning designed for future colonial adventures.

Ireland is under no obligation by EU Treaties to enter a new military arrangement. Article 46 of the Lisbon Treaty allows countries to form PESCO arrangements on a voluntary basis.

PESCO involves binding legal commitments between participating EU states. If the Dáil agrees to allow Fine Gael to sign Ireland up to this military pact Ireland will be legally committed to taking the following steps:

1. ‘Regularly Increasing Defence Budget’ from €900 million or 0.4% of GDP to an estimated €4.5Billion or 2% of GDP. This is at a time when there is a massive housing crisis and horrific waiting lists for hospitals.

2. ‘20% of its total defence budget would be spent on Military Equipment’ - Instead of a focus to undertake civil projects such as flood relief, the EU will dictate the type of equipment needed for a fifth of the budget.

3. ‘Intensive involvement in a future European Defence Fund’. This is about building up an EU arms industry so that huge profits can be made by the military industry. Continue reading below.

Continued :
Instead the EU should invest in a transition from a fossil fuel economy to one based on renewables or help alleviate world hunger and care for the victims of war.

4. ‘Creation & Substantial Contribution to EU Battlegroups’. Which will be used for ‘more demanding missions’. Up to now they have mainly involved joint training exercise. This is a move towards more dangerous military interventions!

5. ‘Fast-tracked political commitment at national level’

The EU elite will trample on local & national democratic decision making to force this fast track military decision making on Ireland.

People Before Profit is calling on the partners in Government Fianna Fáil & the Independent Alliance to block these dangerous move by Fine Gael destroy Irish Neutrality & lead us into an EU Army.