Updated: 24/11/17 : 06:33:41
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Sligo's Kian has no plans to rejoin Westlife

EX-Westlife star Kian Egan insists he has no plans to re-join the band and is happy to be at home rearing his kids.

The former Voice of Ireland judge and wife Jodi welcomed their third child, son Cobi, in September and are getting ready to celebrate Christmas with their young family.

Their first child Koa was born just months before Westlife split, and Kian told The Irish Sun he would have struggled to be away from his family on the road.

He said: I watched Shane Filan and Nicky Byrne do it when we were in the band and I suppose I didnt really understand it at the time because I wasnt a parent.

I can see how difficult it must have been. They were always trying to get home to their kids. I feel grateful now that Im at home and not running around an awful lot.

Im there to put them to bed and drop them to school and do their homework with them.

And little Cobi has easily slotted into their picture-perfect family, the 37-year-old Sligo native said.

He said: Hes great, hes been a really good little baby, hes settled in very well.

When you have your first two, its not panic stations but you are a bit more on edge, whereas this time around, were a bit more relaxed about it.

Koa is the oldest, hes fantastic with him. He just wants to hold his baby brother all the time and hes up in his face, goo-ing and gaa-ing.

Then Zekey, our other little fella, he just follows the big brother whatever the big brother does, he wants to do.

Speaking at the launch of the Cadburys #Cadvent campaign, Kian said he is happy to be unemployed for the moment after 14 years with the band.

He said: I dont have many plans coming up, Im kind of happy to be chilling. I feel like my life is quite different now.

I live down in Sligo full-time now.

Technically, Im not really working, but if something comes up and it seems like a bit of fun and Im into it, Ill say yes.

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