Updated: 24/11/17 : 12:10:21
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Almost 9 out of 10 murdered women in Ireland were killed by man they knew

88% of women murdered in Ireland are killed by a man they know, while 56% of killers are current or former partners.

That is according to Women's Aid which has launched its Femicide Watch for 2017.

216 women have died violently since the Femicide Project began in 1996, which is an average of ten women per year.

Director of Women's Aid, Margaret Martin, says the report dispels the belief that women are at high risk from ‘stranger danger'.

"12% of all of the women who were killed, were killed by a stranger," she said.

"That message that is given to us from the time we are very young girls about stranger danger, and the danger of being on street in terms of being killed, is not true, and I think we need to build an awareness campaign around that."