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Break the grip of the Fine Gael / Fianna Fáil regime

Break the grip of the Fine gael / Fianna Fáil regime

Guest Editorial by;
Nigel Gallagher
People Before Profit - Sligo

Francis Fitzgerald is a disgrace. She saw an e-mail which showed that the Gardai were using a vile allegation to discredit Maurice McCabe and did nothing. She was either involved in the plot to destroy the whistleblower – or else stood aside and ignored the filthy tactics of the police.

The Fianna Fail party has decided that now is their moment to spring an election. But these hypocrites backed up the former Garda Commissioner, Noreen O'Sullivan, until the bitter end. If they had a Minister in Fitzgerald’s place, they would have acted exactly the same.

The trigger for this election is a game of play acting between the two right wing parties. But there are much better reasons to hold an election.

It will give us an opportunity to break the dominance of Fine Gael and Fianna Fail and the partnership between them.

This duo have:
•    Voted down a proposal to put a right to housing into the constitution.
•    Refused to impose rent controls – because one third of their TDS are landlords.
•    Cut the numbers of nurses and hospital staff – to help bail out bankers.
•    Used emergency legislation to attack the wages and conditions of public sector workers.
•    Voted to give a 14 year jail sentence to any woman who takes an abortion pill.
•    Refused to embark on a major programme to build public housing.
•    Supported policies that are turning Ireland into a low wage, insecure economy – particularly
     for the young.

They pretend to oppose each other – but no matter who wins the policies never changes.

We need a genuine left who will not go into the Dáil to prop up either Fianna Fail or Fine Gael – but seeks to break their grip.

People Before Profit TD’S and activists have been to the fore in organising ‘people power’ to bring change. We helped force the government to back down over water charges. We can do the same on housing. Should there be an election, we will be ready for a campaign for real change.