Updated: 28/11/17 : 06:34:04
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New report recommends TV licence fee be collected by Revenue Commissioners

The Government is to be advised to transfer the collection of the TV licence fee to the Revenue Commissioners and to approve increases in line with inflation.

According to RTÉ, the recommendations are expected to appear in a report on the future funding of public broadcasting, which will be launched this afternoon.

The television licence fee is currently collected by An Post.

But with evasion rates of almost 15% a recommendation will be made today to transfer the collection of the fee to the Revenue Commissioners.

The Oireachtas Communications Committee is of the view that this would reduce evasion and could bring in between €35-50 million extra to fund public service broadcasting.

The committee will also recommend a change in the law which could allow RTÉ to collect a retransmission fee from cable operators like Sky and Virgin.

The draft report also proposes replacing the TV licence fee with a broadcasting charge to take account of people who only view content on digital devices.

It also recommends that the licence fee should be increased in line with the consumer price index.

However, it states that the current exemptions for pensioners and social welfare recipients should remain in place.