Updated: 28/11/17 : 11:39:09
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Almost 500 await driving test in Sligo

Over 480 people waiting to be  called in County Sligo to sit their Driving test.

This issue was highlighted recently by Leas Cathoirleach of South and West Sligo Cllr Dara Mulvey when he called on Sligo County Council to write to the RSA seeking an explanation as to why over 480 people are waiting 25+ weeks (over 6 months) to be called to sit their driving test.

Cllr Mulvey stated he had been contacted many people on this issue and he urged the RSA to act urgently to address waiting times and staff shortages, Cllr Mulvey complimented the Driving Testers in Sligo but said more resources are needed to reduce the times and numbers awaiting their tests which in some circumstances can make a significant difference especially to young people trying to get an insurance quotation.

In reply the RSA, has stated that the Driving Testing Service has seen increased waiting times nationally over the past number of months which is due to the sustained level of applications been received alongside the reduction in Driver Tester numbers due to retirements, to meet increased demand the RSA has recruited additional testers since late 2016 and more testers are to start in early 2018.

I welcomed the recruitment of additional driving testers and hope to see the long waiting time for tests reduced in 2018 stated Cllr Mulvey.