Updated: 30/11/17 : 05:13:03
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Tanaiste never a passport to leader job

By Eugene McGloin
Political Editor

SPARE TIME on your hands, then there’s a couple of handy email to bang off later today, Thursday.

You could congratulate the new Tanaiste, a first timer to the post on a big honour for the family blah blah blah.

Get more serious and send a second email with the simplest of questions.

Namely, ask the receiver to name the most recent Tanaiste to later succeed to the leadership of either their party and their country.

Pass By

Have some ‘cog’ notes ready in case the newest incumbent gets curious and curiouser.

In particular Simon Coveney should know instinctively that both leadership mantles should pass him by if he gets the Tanaiste slot today.

Tanaiste is the (unintentional) ‘kiss of death’ for any ambitious politician.

Football Team

Over the years the Office has been a sort of Bermuda Triangle for a leadership aspirant.

You could field a Gaelic football team and subs with the names of Tanaiste office holders who never went on to wear the crown.

George Colley thought Tanaiste was a swipe card, with guranteed automatic entry through the last door into the post. It took him nowhere.

No wonder they say ‘thought stuck a feather in the ground because he thought he’d grow a chicken.’

Last week here, in predicting that Frances Fitzgerald would resign, we also offered just one name for her replacement, Heather Humphrey.