Updated: 30/11/17 : 06:15:13
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Ireland targetted by Trump in tax reform speech

US President Donald Trump has once again singled out Ireland in a speech about tax reform.

Speaking in Missouri, Mr Trump said America's current tax code had incentivised companies to leave the US in search of lower tax rates.

"They're going to Ireland. They're going all over. They're going all over Asia but they're stopping because they now want to take advantage of what’s happening and what we’re about to pass hopefully," he said, referring to his administration's new tax plan.

The US Senate is expected to vote on the tax reforms today, Thursday.

Elsewhere in the speech, Trump branded North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un "a sick puppy".

After calling the Republican tax plan "rocket fuel" for the American economy, Mr Trump digressed with an aside on "Little Rocket Man", calling Mr Kim "a sick puppy".

Mr Trump drew hoots from the crowd during a tax reform speech in St Charles, Missouri, with the impromptu shot at Mr Kim a day after the North launched its most powerful missile yet.

Earlier Wednesday, Mr Trump threatened additional sanctions