Updated: 30/11/17 : 12:19:18
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Court or arrest - judge's message to Conor McGregor - UPDATED

UFC fighter Conor McGregor has been ordered to appear in court or face arrest over a speeding offence.

At a hearing in Blanchardstown District Court in Dublin, Judge Miriam Walsh told the star's solicitor he would have to attend in person if he wanted evidence given in the case.

Lawyer Graham Kenny told the court McGregor wanted to plead guilty after being clocked driving at more than 100kph on the N7 Naas Road at Rathcoole, Co Dublin, on March 31.

He said McGregor had filled in his name incorrectly when he returned a fixed charge penalty notice over the incident. The fighter left his middle name Anthony off the form, the court was told.

Judge Walsh said the case had been mentioned on two previous occasions and she was annoyed that he was not in court to give evidence in person.

"Like everybody else, if he's putting in a plea of mitigation he has to be here," she said.

Mr Kenny said he would contact the UFC lightweight champion.

Judge Walsh added: "I'm giving him one more opportunity. If he's not here the next time I'm going to seek a bench warrant. This is like a broken record."

She said she had already dealt with McGregor's business associate and business manager at previous court hearings and was now dealing with the case through his solicitor.

"This is absolute disrespect to the court," she said. "I'm very annoyed with Mr McGregor in the same way I'm annoyed with any other defendant."

She told Mr Kenny: "You can tell him there'll be a bench warrant coming his direction if he's not here."


Mr McGregor, following a call from his solicitor, arrived at Blanchardstown District Court within the hour, accompanied by his protection detail, and abandoned his two-door BMW sports car outside with its doors open.

He apologised to the judge for travelling a 158km in a 100km zone.

To laughter from the gallery when asked how much he earned, he replied €140m.

He was fined €400, with two months to pay. The judge said the fine could be paid in installments.

Leaving the court Mr McGregor refused to comment on the reported threats to his life from south Dublin criminal elements.