Updated: 02/12/17 : 06:30:46
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Europe’s big boys own ball on ‘Brexit’

Commentary By: Eugene McGloin

OLD MOORE’S Almanac is in the shop with its various predictions for 2018.

Loved this one: ‘’Varadkar will have a political crisis and will be accused of being weak.”

Same as this year then! My guess is that the predicted grief could come on ‘Brexit.’

Kicking Shins

We got a gob full of big talk on ‘Brexit’ from Europe’s head honchos yesterday.

There will, said their promise, be no movement for The Brits until/unless they spell out details of the Border. 

Their logic is that we’re staying and Britain is leaving, so.....

So, the European Big Boys owns the ball and they decide when/if you get a chance to kick it.

More correctly, the ‘Brexit’ debate (debate?) — so far — has been about kicking shins.

It has certainly been a shin-kicking, free-for-all this past ten days between the south, wearing blue and green, and the north, wearing mostly orange.

Never Leave

The European big boys attitudes around ‘Brexit’ mirror the Hotel California, invented by The Eagles to describe excesses of excess.

Hotel California? “You can check out any time you like but you can NEVER leave.”

The ‘Brexit’ debate is hardly ever helped for ignoramuses like me by a purely partisan media both sides of The Pond.

Almost every debate I’ve ever heard about ‘Brexit’ reduces it to (new) nationalism.

Little mention either that the vexatious Border(s)  in question will be, would be, (partly) new European frontier(s).

Ever Increasing

Media here seldom, except superficially, address the growing deficit of democracy at the heart of Europe.

Mainstream media bypass mention of the ever-increasing military conglomerate it has grown into since March 25th 1957.

National media narratives are narrow, restricted. They are ball players on one side.

By and large they marginalise viewpoints in the south which interrogate the 21st century ideology of the ‘Common Market’ Conglomerate.

Thirteen Elections

Of course, not just in Europe is there a democratic deficit. What about us, huh?

This voter has lived through thirteen general elections since Ireland pledged its troth to the EEC idea on May 10th 1972.

In all those decades, a whole lifetime, this voter has not had even ONE chance to express a view on being in Europe.

The entity itself has changed its name three times but one vote is too many, it seems.

Pension Whisper

I was too young to vote in 1972 and now moving within a whisper of the pension there’s still no sign I’ll get to vote to for the EU’s New Democratic Mandate.

Should we? Yes we should.....only that we know, don’t forget, when we checked into the Hotel California it was on the basis we could never check out.

That is the European Union’s ‘Brexit’ democracy all right.

The Border conundrum won’t be solved with sideshows about rejoining The Commonwealth and/or a United Ireland.

Those are separate propositions with their own intrinsic merits and demerits.