Updated: 07/12/17 : 05:33:45
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Financial report on tackling homeless issues

SLIGO SERVICES tackling homeless issues are running close to State budgets provided for 2017.

But a number of local projects may also be showing some signs of government underfunding after nine of the year.

Recent Report

Government departments would probably argue, however, that generally such budgets have been overshot, rather than under-funded.

The financial details emerge in a recent report submitted to the Department of Housing.

These reports assessed funding in the North West Region on a number of issues related to tackling homelessness.

These issues included “Homeless Prevention, Tenancy Sustainment and Resettlement and Resettlement Supports.”

Further details are contained in the link below.

Link: http://www.housing.gov.ie/sites/default/files/publications/files/financial_report_north_west_-_jan-sept_2017.pdf