Updated: 12/12/17 : 13:12:16
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Amnesty are not above the law but should uphold the law - Filan

The phrase from the Roman satirist Juvenal of ‘Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?’ is certainly applicable to the actions of Amnesty International. The literal translation of the above is of course; ‘’Who will guard the guardians"

The response by Amnesty International to the declaration of the Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO) that a substantial donation it received from the US of some €137,000 is in breach of the Electoral Act certainly poses many questions and concerns over Irelands self-proclaimed rights watch-dog.

Finbarr Filan RENUA Ireland Candidate in Sligo Leitrim said that in a country which has had quite enough of semi-constitutional organisations Amnesty’s apparent protest and intent to ignore SIPO’s ruling is deeply troubling.

The justification that the Electoral Act is being weaponised by those opposed to human rights and equality is risible, morally hollow and dangerous.  Low betide if the shoe was on the other foot for the fearless Amnesty.

Nothing can disguise the reality that Amnesty have been receiving vast sums of money from abroad to fund their campaign to repeal the 8th Amendment.

The core founding value of Amnesty is ostensibly respect for the law. Their apparent a la carte approach is therefore deeply troubling.


Ireland has had enough of SF/IRA style politics where parties believe the superiority of their politics means they are above the law. The consequences of this are always moral and social chaos.

Amnesty Irelands attack on the independence of the SIPO decision demanding that they repay their foreign benefactors demonstrates just how petty and self-serving that once great organisation has become.

Their belief that they should only obey laws that reflect their own agenda has no place in a Republic of equals.

Intemperate language from their paid Executive Director that laws have been ‘weaponised’ casts unfair aspersions on one organ of state that has behaved impeccably and fearlessly through recent public scandals.

If the Board of Amnesty Ireland insist on breaking the law then they individually and collectively must be held accountable for their actions by all organs of the State without fear or favour.