Updated: 18/12/17 : 10:29:02
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Sligo TD says driving after two drinks should be allowed

A  Sligo / Leitrim TD has said people should be allowed to drive after drinking two alcoholic drinks.

The new Road Traffic Bill would see those detected over the blood alcohol limit automatically disqualified.

It would impose a three-month driving ban for those caught with a blood alcohol level of between 50mg and 80mg per 100ml.

Speaking to Ocean FM, Fianna Fáil Deputy Eamon Scanlon claims Ireland's drink-driving laws are already strict enough.

"One or two drinks, I don't think, genuinely, will create a problem for most people - I don't think it would," he said.

"I think what we're doing is a bit excessive. Even as we are, the regulations in this country are way more excessive in other European countries," he added.