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Sligo man halts court case on Dáil seats

SLIGO MAN Joe Costello has halted his High Court bid to have the newly proposed constituencies

The Geevagh native is now satisfied that the new areas will be used in next general election.

Last month, Costello asked the court for reliefs to ensure the changes were made.

It looked at that stage as if there might be a Christmas general election.

This would have meant Sligo still voting with 36 areas of west Cavan, plus Leitrim and South Donegal.

Costello said that Article 16.2.2 of the Constitution required the (four) extra TDs to be legislated for in line with the 2016 Census increase.

Four Extra

Instead, the High Court heard yesterday, only the President’s signature is needed to now put the new areas in place.

This will mean that Sligo and Leitrim will now be joined in a novel pair-off with mot of North Roscommon and retain south Donegal.

There will still be four Dail places on offer locally but four extra seats will happen at national level.

Mr Costello said High Court President Mr Justice Peter Kelly had adjourned proceedings to allow time for the Oireachtas to enact the necessary legislation urgently.

Appalling Vista

He said he wanted to thank Mr Justice Kelly for his care and diligence and all concerned for dealing with the Bill so expeditiously.

Had an election been called before legislation was enacted, makeup of the next Dáil would be in breach of the Constitution,  Mr Costello had claimed.

This he would describe as "an appalling vista,” the Sligo man said when he commenced his case last month.

Expedite Work

Mr Costello warned there could still be problems if a general election happened in January or February.

He urged that local authorities expedite the work needed to draw up new registers of voters, new boundaries and create new polling stations.

Costello schooled at Summerhill College and was previously a secondary teacher.

He served as a junior minister in Enda Kenny’s first government and also served in the Seanad.

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