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Sligo Today Christmas Quiz 2017

Compiled by Eugene McGloin

THIRTY QUESTIONS to try your knowledge of Sligo and surroundings over the 2017 holiday season. 

There are thirty points on offer in each of the five rounds. 

Each round has two four-markers, two six-markers and a ten-marker. 

The good news is that there is a ''get out of jail'' question at the end of each round. 

It may be substituted for any of the six-markers only in that round.

There may be some tickly teasers....and watch for maybe one or more misdirections, too.

Some answers have surfaced throughout the past year or so in Sligo Today. 

Lots of the answers can be tracked across the web but hopefully there is one or two Internet-proofed teasers in there too.

Answers to Editor@SligoToday.ie The correct answers with will be posted early in January 2018 DV.

Even if you haven't completed the questions please feel free to forward.


1. Sligo County Council publicly flew four main flags in 2017. Name all four. Four points. 

2. Sligo chapel which will celebrate a sixtieth anniversary in 2018. Which one and which month. Four points, two for each correct answer. 

3. Sligo Champion retired editor Seamus Finn died in 2017. Who was Sligo Rovers manager when Seamus was temporarily banned from Showgrounds. Six points. 

4. A former President of the Yeats Society died in April 2017. Name please and his age, three years either way. Six points. 

5. Ten pointer: Name all five places in Sligo town where the Dominican Order has celebrated Mass since their arrival here in 1252. 

'Get Out of Jail:’ Aidan Glacken became Sligo’s new Garda Chief Superintendent in 2017.
His father served in Sligo Town fifty years ago and later headed a Dublin based major specialist unit in the Garda service. Name him and title of specialist unit. Ten points or five points for each correct segment.


1. Won the Owen B Hunt Cup as Sligo GAA Senior Football champions in 2017 . Name the club. Four points. 

2. Standing ovation in Showgrounds greeted team eliminated on penalties after extra time in the 2017 FÁI Junior Cup national semi final. Name team for four points.

3. There was also European senior soccer at the Showgrounds in 2017. Name the visiting team. Six points. 

4. Hurling - Calry won the Sligo senior hurling final in 2017. Who were their opponents and what was winning margin. Six points or three points for each correct segment.

5. Ten pointer: A Sligo jockey Derek Fox won the Grand National in 2017. 
Name (a) his horse, (b) starting price (SP), (c) winning trainer, (d) previous Sligo jockey to win the National and (e) on which horse. Two points for each correct segment. 

'Get Out of Jail:' In 2017, Sligo won the Connacht Senior Cup in rugby for the first time this century when they beat Corinthians 29-27. When did Sligo last win the title and who was the 2017 captain. 


1. In which American state did Sligo teenager and Olympic Games hopeful Mona McSharry from Grange win her world junior breaststroke bronze in summer 2017. Four points. 

2. Sligo woman featured in live interview on RTE’s “Prime Time” when it reported in December 2017 on possible downgrade of Portlaoise Hospital. Name her for four points. 

3. This woman threw the ball in at a match in The Showgrounds in 1924. Her name for six points. 

4. Sligo has only won the Fiddler of Dooney competition four times in half a century. Who took the title back to Sligo in October 2017.

5. Ten pointer: Madam Markievicz from Lissasell became first ever woman elected to the British House of Commons in 1918. Name her constituency.

'Get Out of Jail:' A Third Level lecturer in St Angela’s College took part in the televised 2017 Rose of Tralee. Name for ten points.


1. Sligo born Director of Government Information Services under Dr Garret Fitzgerald died late 2017. Name him. Four points.

2.  Sligo Corporation was first body in Ireland to congratulate Eamon de Valera when he came to power 85 years ago (Source: “Revolutionary Papers,” March 2017). Which noted town politician proposed the congrats. Four points. 

3. Name of Sligo’s MPs elected for Sinn Fein to the House of Commons in 1918 election. Six points. 

4. Tony McLoughlin hit the national headlines in 2017 when his Private Members Bill was passed by the Dáil. What was the subject matter. Six points.

5. Ten pointer: June has always been a lucky month for Raymond MacSharry. Over the past half century he was elected by voters to four bodies in that month. Name these bodies or the years in which he was first elected to each. 

'Get Out of Jail:' March 1918, a prisoner at Sligo Jail complained of sleepless nights due to “.....hard mattress.....the wretched mattress.....” Name the famous prisoner a century ago.


1. Cherish The Ladies is a noted traditional group which will play Gurteen’s Coleman Centre early in 2018. Its leader is Joanie Madden, well known to Hawks Well audiences over the years but where was she born.  Four points. 

2. Sligo native who travels from Ballymena to present live three hours weekly of American country music Friday nights on Mid West Radio. Name presenter for four points.

3. A famous sax tune by Charlie Parker with Miles Davis on trumpet provided title for first ever book from a famous Sligo author. Six points for book title, year of publication and author; two points each correct answer. 

4. ‘'Sligo Honeymoon 1946.” Name the English based songwriter with local roots or title of the CD on which song  is featured. Six points. 

5. Ten pointer: Artiste who once performed in Sligo collected the Nobel Prize for Literature earlier this decade. Name the artiste. 

'Get Out of Jail:' Actor who made cinema debut in work set and filmed in Sligo a decade ago played an IRA leader in one of 2017’s Irish silver screen success stories. Name him.

Answers to Editor@SligoToday.ie  Good luck.