Updated: 23/12/17 : 05:38:42
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January 12th is cut-off date for South Sligo Tourism membership

Local tourism organisation South Sligo Tourism are really hitting the ground running for 2018 with big plans to promote the rural areas of south and west Sligo. The cut off date for membership is 12th January, so if you want your business to benefit, be sure to contact them without delay.

The fledgling organisation printed 10,000 brochures this year and plans to have their new brochure ready for the beginning of the 2018 tourism season. All members will be included as well as a calendar of events, useful for tourists and locals alike. A video, media visits and a sustained social media campaign are all part of the plans for the coming year.

South Sligo Tourism held a couple of very successful networking event and information sessions recently. Over 50 businesses attended these events and even more are expected to join up for 2018.

South and west Sligo have a lot to offer the incoming tourist but, as is common outside urban areas, the businesses have tended to operate alone rather than in conjunction with one another. By joining South Sligo Tourism, businesses will come together, building a stronger tourism product and benefiting the entire community.

The closing date for 2018 membership is 12 January 2018. Membership is an absolute essential for anyone involved in the tourism business. Contact info:@southsligotourism.ie for further information or visit the website www.southsligotourism.ie #SouthSligo