Updated: 27/12/17 : 06:38:13
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Sligo fire service donates to rescue groups

On Friday the 22nd of December members of Sligo Fire Services made a 200 donation each to the Sligo/Leitrim Mountain Rescue Service and the RNLI.

This year the fire services advertised on facebook for end of life cars to be donated to the fire service for the purpose of providing realistic training for fire service personnel.The response from the public was unprecedented for which the fire service would like to express their sincere gratitude.

When the cars are finished with and the training provided they are sold for scrap and the money donated to many worthy charities and volunteer emergency services such as the Sligo/Leitrim Mountain Rescue and RNLI.

Since 2012, Sligo Fire Service has used the proceeds from end of life cars to donate over 4,000 to worthy causes in the Sligo area.