Updated: 03/01/18 : 12:44:24
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Outrage as hare coursing club ignores search for missing man

A Sligo coursing club has attracted huge negative reaction on social media after it was claimed they were searching for hares while a nearby village was out searching for a missing person.

As volunteers from the local community were engaged in the search for missing Coney Island man Michael McGowan, members of the coursing club were scouring Oyster Island for hares.

Mr McGowan has been missing since last Friday and a major search by Gardaí,  the Coastguard Rescue 118 helicopter and the Rosses Point RNLI lifeboat and hundreds of volunteers is now in its third day. See link below.

A local resident, Medbh Gillard, posted a message on her Facebook page expressing her shock at the insensitivity of the coursers.

She explained that the club is not from Rosses Point.

She has also posted a picture of the hare catchers. Her post shocked locals and has been widely shared on social media.

Ms Gillard said on her facebook page: "So today. This is what a coursing club is at in Rosses Point. (The club is NOT from Rosses Point) Taking hares off Oyster island. When the entire village and surrounding villages are out searching for a missing person.

"They have been asked to at least show respect for the situation, but they are roaring and shouting like wild things. I have never seen such a blatant show of insensitive disgusting behaviour.

"They should be ashamed of themselves."

The post sparked a raft of negative reaction.

These are among the comments that have appeared on facebook in reaction to the incident;

Jacintha Redmond-stafford: Disgraceful

Val Robus:  Very insensitive

Claire Ronan: Shocking

Ursula Béan A Sidhe: Absolutely no respect

Jimmy Bruen: Disgusting. Medbh please share in Memories

Kieran Devaney: Disgraceful

Lucy Robus: Disgusting

Jennie O'connell: Utter turds.

Jemima Jinty Barrie: So disrespectful

John Cooney: Scum

Barbara Cullen: Saw them earlier, I thought they were part of the search party. Wtf.

Noelle Kennoy: Assholes.

Maureen Harris: No respect at all

Phyllis McGuinness: Disgusting and heartless

Kath Kitty Irwin: Scum poor hares

Jo Gurney: Not only scum but disrespectful scum too

Joe Howley: No respect.

Jean McGonigle: One word “Karma”

Jane Milligan: Pigs...

Phyllis McGuinness: Is it a local hunt Medbh?

Medbh Gillard No Phyllis: It's not. There is not a coursing club in Rosses point

Eileen Clarke: I wouldn't expect anything better from anybody who engages in coursing. There has to be something lacking in their psychological make up. These individuals are obviously hoping people will think they are part of the search effort and not look too closely at their activities.

Medbh Gillard: I think that is probably stretching it a bit Eileen. My focus is on their behaviour at this time. I'm NOT getting into a debate about coursing on this thread. I hope you understand where I am coming from in this.

Tanya Tighe Donohue: I think what she means medbh is that on two counts they show lack of moral and I’m with Eileen on the psychological issues.. anyone who can watch an animal being ripped apart lacks something vital

Jane Milligan: There is a club???

Audrey McGovern: Absolute ignorance.

Tanya Tighe: Donohue Disgusting.

Breege Gordon Benson: Scum.

Mairead McKenna:  Disgraceful: It would be a different story of it was a member of their own family. Lack of respect.

Helena Ryan: That is the lowest of the low. Disgusted to read this

Ciaran Cashman: Selfish assholes.

Sean Maye: Their behavior is unforgivable!

Maureen Mcloughlin: Name and shame

Tina Brooks: Shame on them.

Patricia Devaney Harte: What a lack of respect.

Amelia O'Reilly: Disgraceful! Sick people! Karma!!!!!

Link: Sligo Today 3/1/2017