Updated: 04/01/18 : 05:56:39
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Women worse than the men — now official

By Eugene McGloin

DYLAN WAS a pussycat, not even a purr heard from him and he hadn’t the strength to blow wind.

On the other hand Ophelia was awesome this winter when she stopped off

Eleanor has already staked an early claim for 2018 to be the Year of the Wimmin, again. 

We are of course talking storms, now that that they have been given full Christian names.

Power Punch

None of the names are in Irish, Chinese, Polish or Romanian so you wonder how authentic. 

I’m old enough to remember — vividly — the storm terror which erupted that quiet, quiet Saturday morning in mid September 1961.

That was the first time I knew that storms had names; that one was Debbie and she power-punched more like Mike Tyson than Katie Taylor.

So, it’s becoming official now: Namely, the wimmin are worse than the men. 

Storms to come in 2018 include Georgina, Karen, Maeve, Rebecca and Winnie (Winifred).

There’s no place in this new pantheon for male and female names like Xavier or Quintana. 

Real Ireland

That’s because the Met men (and women) in Ireland and England have excluded excluded certain letters of the alphabet — U, V, W, X, Z. 

If they had any sense of the real Ireland they’d have allowed one storm to sign its name with an ‘X’ surely.

By the time Pope Francis has come and gone, by the time Leo’s referendum has come and gone, the notion of ‘storm,’ the idea itself, may be in need of a new name.