Updated: 04/01/18 : 09:03:13
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Computer science for Leaving Cert subject

Computer Science is being introduced as a Leaving Cert subject in some schools to boost the technology skillset of students.

40 secondary schools across the country will teach the subject from September.

The Education Minister says the initiative is to prepare children for a society "fundamentally transformed" by new technology.

Tech expert Jess Kelly says there is more to do to make sure every student has the option of taking up the subject.

She said: "The big issue is that we upskill the teachers, so they feel fully comfortable and ready to teach the subject as thoroughly as possible.

"Also the whole thing about resources in terms of computers, tablets, whatever it may be, and a big broadband connection - broadband is a huge problem for us here in Ireland as we know."

"What we may see is that these classes may be offered in certain parts of the country and not in others, and a key factor for that could be broadband."