Updated: 05/01/18 : 14:35:29
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Sligo couple need your vote for dream job in Mexico

Koray McGowan from Sligo and his girlfriend Žanet need your help.

They in with a chance of winning 6 months in Cancun, Mexico staying in luxury villas, apartments and hotels. They will swim with sharks, sky dive and and receive a payment of €50,000 for the period.

They are the only Irish couple to have made the top 50 from over 6000 entries but they need your help.

They produced, directed and edited this fantastic video about Sligo by themselves and they need you to vote please. If they get into the top 10 they’ll be flown to Cancun for the interview round.

This is such an achievement for them and it’s fantastic to see Sligo getting worldwide attention.

The couple said, "We both travel because it is an adventure and a big part in our life it's our way and many others ways of finding out what this world has to show us. Travel is a priority in our life due to the reason that it is the most fantastic thing you can do, like going to a completely unknown place you have never seen before and by the time you have to leave you know it more than your hometown.

"We find that so fascinating that with travel you are constantly being educated. We know that we fit the criteria 100%, as the requirements and tasks to succeed in this job we execute on a daily basis (example, Edit Videos & Photos,Take Photos, Film Videos, Market our brand efficiently) we know that we would easily provide the required content in a form that is engaging to the audience we want to reach.

Please spread the word and you can vote every day.The link is below.