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Adams recalls tales from time at Sligo Rovers

By Eugene McGloin

AN ARAB who folded his tent and stole away in the dead of night.

Certainly that will always a contender for the most memorable editorial in a Sligo Rovers match programme.

The occasion was a gifted player leaving the club and enmity unbounded in a simile which sounded like it was shaped like a scimitar.

As in all similar matters, the telling of such tale(s) can be subjective and open to debate.

Micky Adams recent book recalls a player he lost overnight, in a totally different type of circumstances. 

During his Showgrounds reign as manager, a Sligo Rovers player had to hotfoot out of town permanently amid rumbles of a nightclub indiscretion.

Bath Water

Adams with his long-time friend and contributor Neil Moxley have both a great eye and (natural) ear for telling a good story.

Nothing is wasted, not even the bath water; bath itself being central to one of the funniest stories in the book about his time in Sligo.

Rightly or wrongly, there is an air of Keystone Cops about much of the book’s account of Adams arrival at Sligo Rovers earlier this decade.

Adams admits he didn’t know where the town was when his name first came into the frame as potential new manager.

The ‘Keystone’ element is further underlined by Sligo Rovers (seemingly) on/off interest in him becoming the new boss.

Discussions took place with Adams on him becoming manager.

But then Sligo Rovers travelled to Longford Town.....and won.

Sligo, suggests the book, decided just then not to change managers after all.

Very Competitive

Micky Adams had a legendary playing career in England and gathered an impressive managerial CV afterwards. 

Biteback Publishing has finally got its book “Micky Adams My Life in Football” into Sligo shops, several months after its UK release.

Locally, Liber are doing a very competitive retail price, better even than Amazon.