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Markievicz name should not be for sale, ever

By Eugene McGloin

THE GAA has been christened the ‘Grab All Association,’ and not all of it is incoming enemy fire either.

The Sky deal is a sickener; in recent seasons, it has excluded pensioners who supported the GAA all their life from seeing Sligo on live TV in the Championship.

For Sale

But that sell-out pales in comparison to the (idle?) chatter you hear in some Sligo GAA circles these days. 

The naming rights for the Markievicz Park could be up for sale, say some.

Ditto also for the centre of excellence developed at another local location.

Red Line

Whatever about the latter venue, the former should NEVER be seen as acceptable.

Indeed the bye-laws of the local GAA County Board should include a couple of ‘red line’ principles to protect the name.

Besides, who would decide what would be an acceptable purchaser of naming rights and how, if ever, could it be rescinded.

Example : A multi national which later becomes embroiled in controversy laced with ethical issues.

Ethical issues could include product(s), company methods of operation, countries of operation, equal opportunity, equal pay, gender balance. 

We have seen a good example of the issues which can arise later in the row over the Freedom of Dublin which was given to a human rights abuser.

For one, I would never recognise any such sponsor with naming rights at Markievicz Park, not least as it would denigrate the name of our local 1916 leader.

Daftest Precedent

Besides, the daftest precedent on a name change already exists in Sligo Town.

Think Model Niland. Too often I have seen reference to that venue which fails to mention the person.

I find it a matter of regret and shame on each individual occasion when the name of Nora Niland is omitted.

That regret and shame extends also to when people who think much as myself choose the (casual) option of staying silent.