Updated: 08/01/18 : 04:58:36
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Searchers for missing man warned to ‘extra vigilant’

TIDES WILL dictate the pace of search this week for missing local man, Michael McGowan of Coney Island.

Volunteers have been advised that the search will be scaled back to parallel with low tides this week.

Bachelor Mr McGowan (43)  has now not been seen since Friday December 30th last.

The next available low tide locally is Saturday morning next, January 13th.

Extra Vigilant

“Nevertheless, says a Facebook posting for volunteers, “we will encourage anyone who is available during the week to maintain the strong show of support for the daily search efforts. 

“Obviously the tide levels will be higher than previous search days so people must remain extra vigilant in all coastal areas. 

“In general people covered their local area or areas familiar to them, therefore continuation of searches in these areas is preferable rather than exploring new areas.

                   Garda Sergeant Philip Maree (centre) allocates the various search areas

Important Window

“The next five days are an important window within the search timeframe.

Anyone taking part in the search can then check-in on the various Whatsapp search groups when their area is completed.

As was the case when the search kicked-off during initial days, this is a civilian effort and Gardai / Civil Defence will not be responsible for well being. 

“Family and friends of the McGowans appreciate your efforts,” says the Facebook posting: “Everyone stay safe and many thanks.”