Updated: 12/01/18 : 06:18:27
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Fair City lifts the siege on viewers

By Eugene McGloin

FAIR CITY called the curtain on its latest siege last night, thankfully.

One dead, one dying, two arrested, baby safe but its parents remain at loggerheads.

Idiots like myself and loadsa others waste two hours a week watching this guff.

It is good drama? ‘fraid not. In fact some of it was pedestrian stuff.

Armed Response

Example: It was announced Tuesday night that the Garda Armed Response Unit was ‘on its way.’

It turned up Wednesday night and it was Thursday night before we saw it in an action sequence.

Yawn. Maybe they should have phoned Shane Ross at Stepaside Station.

Early 1980s episodes of Channel Four’s “Brookside” written by Phil Redmond from Liverpool showed how good ‘drama’ can be in soaps.

For ‘entertainment’ in soaps RTE has a big pick; decades of episodes of Coronation Street since the Sixties always, always seem sharp to the point. 

By the by, the Garda Armed Response Unit must be owed a documentary series after its flimsy Fair City role. 

By definition, they do not get PR or good news stories about their work disseminated by Garda HQ.

But some of the work done by them and similar units within our police service matches the best anywhere in the world.

Think the rescues of dentist John O’Grady, Jennifer Guinness, Don Tidey.

Warning Inadequate

The other point about the (extended) Fair City siege is that guns were drawn shortly after the show began at 8pm.

The RTE warning to some viewers about some scenes seemed inadequate.

The watershed for guns and violence seems to have disappeared in Irish TV without even a murmur.

Fair City’s siege gets a repeat run in the early afternoon, while other stations are showing Tipping Point and Countdown, harmless quiz entertainment. 

Hopefully, Fair City might now give some scrutiny and insight especially into mental illness and not predictable court room cliche(s) arising from this week’s siege.