Updated: 23/01/18 : 06:58:51
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Minister sets strict targets for councils to provide social housing

Strict targets have been set for local authorities to provide social housing, according to the Housing Minister.

It’s after Eoghan Murphy held a summit with all local authority heads.

However he couldn’t say how many each council has targeted to build.

In relation to housing stock, Eoghan Murphy says they’d discussed vacant housing and think it’s not the answer.

“I think it was Galway city – their CSO number told them they had a vacancy of 3,500 homes in the city. The Geo Directory told them it was more like 260 homes vacant in the city.

“When they went to investigate those homes, they found that 130 were up for sale or actually occupied.

“They believed that they were talking about less than 100 homes that could potentially be put back into use.”