Updated: 24/01/18 : 03:57:45
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Storm Georgina cast cold eye, passes by Sligo

STORM GEORGINA must have sneaked a look at Yeats epitaph as it wended its way early today, Wednesday.

Mostly ‘Georgina’ cast its cold eye but passed by Sligo; thankfully too.

Forecasts showed the path of the latest storm would track off the northwest coast.

Meanwhile, motorists are still advised to exercise caution locally as Met Éireann warned last night of serious risks which could be caused by excess rain.

Aquaplaning Risk

Risks identified by the Met to watch for included aquaplaning on wet road surfaces.

Six counties, including Sligo, were placed on a Status Yellow alert for rainfall in the twelve hours up to 10am today.

Wind gusts greater than 110 kilometres an hour are also possible this morning.

Thunder, spot flooding and rainfalls of 25 to 35 mm were flagged by Met Éireann.

No local power outages had been identified by ESB Networks up to 2.30am.