Updated: 29/01/18 : 05:54:43
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Fianna Fáil stares down road to nowhere

By Eugene McGloin
Political Editor

JANUARY SHOULD be the designated special month for politicians worldwide.

It is named after the god of doorways, which is not important.

But Janus faced two ways at once. Sound familiar? Our bucks, the politicians.

Badges, Bruises

On a more serious note first: National media sometimes gives the (incorrect) impression that politicians’ contract is with Press.

The national media dictates the pace and dishes out the badges and bruises, it (alone) holds the image-making rights. So it believes.

Then along comes a guy like Leo Varadkar, who tells them wait, W-A-I-T.

Wait and you’ll get my views when I have a fuller picture in my hand. Sounds so reasonable.

Then Leo choose to blurt out the entirety of what he’s thinking.....

Except he chooses to do that abroad and does not choose ANY of our (waiting) national media. He blurts it to the BBC, pictured.

Oh, and he doesn’t seem to bother waiting to have this (unknown quantity) ‘fuller picture.’

Then the weekend opinion poll underlines that Leo could have yodelled down a coal mine.

Such is the relevance — more correctly, lack relevance right now — of his main Opposition. 

Still enough of frivolity; Fianna Fáil looks like it has now found the perfect theme song for the next election. 

“The Road to Nowhere” says it all when you look at the graph accompanying the latest opinion poll for The Sunday Business Post yesterday.

The Red C poll confirmed what we already learned from the Ipsos MRBI poll earlier in the week for The Irish Times.

Namely, the leadership of Fianna Fáil is taking it down the road to nowhere.

FF is making little or no gains in Dublin, nor with many younger age voters, nationally it is fifteen lengths behind the leader.

1. Consider we lived through seven years (seven years!) of hairshirt mayhem.

2. We still have nightly, monthly, yearly digests of mayhem in housing and inside hospitals.

That has been going on for a decade now and its impact on lives could extend far into several decades to come.

Yet, Fianna Fáil is so irrelevant in this context that a new voluntary body, titled Still Waiting, will organise the campaign for a resourced health service.

Whither Fianna Fáil? Seven years in opposition now under the same leader and what has it to show? 

FF’s contract is not with the national media, nor should it be diverted into the cosy club with Fine Gael. 

Did someone just whisper Michael McDowell’s resonant phrase “Be radical or be redundant.”