Updated: 30/01/18 : 06:10:28
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How to Solve the Housing Crisis? - Sligo Public Meeting

People Before Profit Sligo are organising a Public Meeting: How to solve the Housing Crisis? on Wednesday 31st January at 8pm in the Glasshouse Hotel. Speakers on the night include Cllr. Gino O'Boyle and General Election Candidate Nigel Gallagher, pictured.

Cllr. Gino O'Boyle said, "Ireland is facing a housing crisis of unprecedented proportions, with increasing levels of homelessness, unsustainable rents and overcrowding. While Sligo has over 1,000 people on the housing list, there are a only approximately 100 units available. The number of homeless people nationally has more than doubled in the last three years and is now over 8,300.

"The housing crisis has resulted from a number of political decisions by both Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael which treat houses only as commodities for landlords and developers to buy and sell."

Nigel Gallagher added, "The Government’s approach is to effectively use the crisis as an opportunity to transfer large amounts of public cash and land to private developers in the hope that they will build housing at the rate required. This approach has not provided a solution. It is essential that public investment in housing takes place.

"We say that housing should be considered a human right, not a marketplace for property developers. We call for improved taxation on the most wealthy in society to fund the provision of public housing that is affordable for the majority.

"Join us on Wednesday 31st January in The Glasshouse to discuss the housing crisis and what can be done about it."