Updated: 01/02/18 : 07:34:14
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CAO deadline today for Sligo students

It is decision day for thousands of secondary school students in Sligo and the north west thinking of going to college.

They will have to submit their course preferences by the CAO deadline at 5:15pm today.

Ahead of this, jobs platform IrishJobs.ie has revealed the top five sectors with the most vacancies for graduate-level roles.

Unsurprisingly, leading the way are vacancies in banking, financial, and insurance sectors, which top the list.

Commenting on the data, Orla Moran, General Manager at IrishJobs.ie, said the availability of graduate roles in these sectors "reflected the old and new strengths of Ireland’s economy."

"Ireland is increasingly regarded as a European hub for financial services. We are a world leader in fund administration and aircraft leasing, and a growing insurance and fintech player," Ms Moran said.

Ms Moran went on to highlight Brexit, the tech industry, and the construction sector as providing increasing employment opportunities in Ireland.

Even for students who have done nothing with regards to research for a CAO application, the most important task now is to register before 5.15pm today and receive a CAO number.

Once an applicant has done that, they are in the CAO system and have no danger of being considered a late applicant.