Updated: 06/02/18 : 05:51:57
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Sligo rail at risk in State funds shortfall

SLIGO FACES the threat of losing its rail service, set up under British rule a century ago.

Now most western towns have been named as at risk because of repeated State underfunding of the service.

Rail services in Ireland require an investment of almost half a billion, says the Irish Independent newspaper today, Tuesday.

Massive Closures

The National Transport Authority has warned of massive rail closures unless the State funding shortfall is reversed.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is quoted in today’s Irish Independent as suggesting  people in rural Ireland need to be “realistic” in their expectations.

The last big rail closure in Ireland was over half a century ago, presided over by Minister Tod Andrews.

The link between Sligo and Dublin was established over 150 years ago when the existing service was extended from Longford.

Sligo was at the centre of a major national protest in the early 1990s when major cuts were on the agenda.

The protest was headed by local businessman Seamus Monaghan who led a protest to the Dáil.

Currently seven services operate daily each way between Dublin and Sligo.

There are plans for an additional run to be added in early summer.