Updated: 06/02/18 : 12:54:13
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Spring into Action at Ballytivnan Training Centre

HSE Ballytivnan Training Services launched their “Spring into Action” initiative to contribute their part in achieving a Healthy Ireland. 

Outlining details of the programme, Esther Mooney, Community Access Facilitator HSE said “Spring in Action” is about eating a little better, thinking a little better and moving a little better, thus feeling better”. 

As part of the “Move a little better” Esther complimented those who participate in the daily “Ad Break” challenge, explaining that, “each day a different service user leads out on the movement exercises,  we also encourage participants to repeat the exercises in their own homes and get other family members involved. 

“There is a wide choice of sport and recreation options available to those attending the service with more people achieving a “Couch to 1k, 2k and 5k walk/jog.” In addition “we are working in partnership with the Health Science Department in IT Sligo to deliver an Operation Transformation Programme for seven of our service users.

“The programme includes mindfulness and relaxation sessions with workshops on healthy eating, exercise and lifestyle, we are planning other workshops with invited guest speakers in the hope of maintaining the positive buzz that is reeling through the Ballytivnan Training Centre at the moment.  

“The seven Operation Transformation participants are excited about joining IT Sligo students in the upcoming Colour Run.”

Cara O'Neill, Head of Health & Well Being, HSE CHO1, Ann Marie Banks, Training Services Manager, Sligo Leitrim Personal Support & Training Services, Mark O'Callaghan, Principal Psychologist, HSE Sligo/Leitrim/West Cavan, Liz Martin, Health Promotion Officer, HSE Sligo/Leitrim/West Cavan, Maura McCallion, Lecturer, School of Science, IT Sligo, Chris Callaghan & Nick Jordan, 4th Year Students, Health Science, IT Sligo. Shane Hayes,  Sports Inclusion Disability Officer, Sligo Sports & Recreation Partnership  and clients at he launch of 'Spring into Action'.
 Photo: James Connolly

Speaking at the launch Ann Marie Banks, Service Manager HSE Ballytivnan Training Services stated that the “achievement of goals set out in Healthy Ireland depends on us all taking a proactive approach to healthy living”. 

She commended the staff for their work in, “promoting the participation of people with disabilities in sports and recreation activities and thanked Sligo Sports and Recreation Partnership and IT Sligo for facilitating us to deliver these programmes. 

“Programmes like these are also about building skills and capacity for people to engage with groups in their local communities, which is a core value contained in “New Directions” -  the HSE Policy that sets out a new approach to support individuals who attend day services. 

'Novel approach'

Adding her support, Cara O’Neill, Head of Health and Well Being HSE CHO Area 1 congratulated the service on this initiative.  “Healthy Ireland is a government led cross sector programme to improve the health and well being of everyone in Ireland. 

“I am delighted to see service users and staff from HSE Training Services introducing a novel approach to embrace Healthy Ireland. 

“Getting active is not only good for your physical health and fitness but it also benefits your mental health and well being, I would encourage you all to support one another with this programme and to get active in community activities such as walking groups, couch to 5K and parkrun”

HSE Ballytivnan Training Services provides person centred supports and QQ1 accredited training programmes for adults with a disability.

For further information please contact annmarie.banks@hse.ie  Telephone 071 9143214.