Updated: 12/02/18 : 10:40:49
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Mac Sharry and Martin in 'colourful' heated exchange

Following the heated verbal exchange in the Dáil last week between Sligo TD Marc Mac Sharry and the Healy-Rae brothers Danny and Michael over speaking rights it has been reported that Deputy Mac Sharry had a further confrontation moments later with his party leader Micheál Martin.

The 'colourful' exchange witnessed by another TD, was reported to be peppered with expletives.

According to the Irish Mail on Sunday when accused of losing his f**king cool Mr Mac Sharry responded that his leader should f**king deal with speaking rights for Fianna Fáil TDs

Mr Mac Sharry explaind that the earlier row with the Healy-Rae brothers was an expression of growing frustration with 'New Politics' along with the conduct of the Fine Gael led Government and his own party's performance.

He said, Independent TDs now have 800% more speaking time than the average backbencher adding that many party colleagues share his frustration.

The Dáil he says is 'totally dysfunctional' and the parliament is 'rigged in favour of the Government claiming his own party is not showing the 'necessary leadership' to make it work.


As the two met at the entrance to the Dáil bar Mr Martin declared, "Ah , f**king Mac Sharry losing the f**king cool" to which it was reported that Mr Mac Sharry replied, "Sorry, don't give out about me, f**king deal with this."

The Sligo deputy is understood to partially blame his leader for allowing the Independent TDs so much speaking time in the Dáil.

Mr Martin replied, "Well there is nothing we can f**king deal with." Mr Mac Sharry said, "What the f**k is the way to deal with it? Your way? Ask f**king Leo for permission? It's about time we f**king asserted ourselves."

It is said the Mr Mac Sharry then walked away.

Other Fianna Fáil TDs criticied the party leadership saying that a 'clear out' of the front bench is needed. There is a belief that longer serving front bench spokepeople need to be replaced with younger TDs

Deputy Mac Sharry is one of a growing number of Fianna Fáil TDs and senators who believe the confidence and supply deal with Fine Gael is not working. He says his party should show leadership and tackle the Government on the 'dysfunctional' Dáil.

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