Updated: 23/02/18 : 05:46:53
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Surfer nominated for 'Ride of the Year 2018' for taking on Sligo wave - Video

There were some spectacular waves around the coast of Co. Sligo last week with no doubt many a surfer struggling to take them on.

It wasn't an issue for Ollie O'Flaherty however, who has a name for himself for being one of Ireland’s most talented big-wave surfers.

While most of us are still struggling to master the whitewash, Ollie is chasing Ireland’s biggest waves, constantly seeking brand new breaks in the Atlantic Ocean.

In 2012, he surfed one of the biggest waves of his career – a 60ft monster at Mullaghmore in Co Sligo, an accomplishment he is constantly trying to better.

As you can see in the video below, Ollie, from Lahinch in Co. Clare, impressively took on a giant wave at Mullaghmore last week and earned himself a nomination from the World Surf League for "Ride of the Year".