Updated: 23/02/18 : 07:57:56
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Mistreatment of horses in Sligo's north ward an ongoing problem - WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT

The mistreatment and neglect of horses in the north ward of Sligo town is an ongoing problem.

WARNING - Scrolling down will reveal graphic content.

Ponies are being tied up 24/7 in unsuitable unsafe places for them and left without sufficient food, water, shelter. Many are not chipped as required by law.

One source told Sligo Today, "I have repeatedly contacted the council and horse welfare charities who deal with the council over the past couple of years relating to concerns about specific animals in this area.

"In recent weeks, that has included horses being tied up at Molloway Place last weekend, another one was discovered beside Yeats Village and another between the rear of St Columbas Hospital and Fás.

"Sometime before Christmas two ponies (not chipped) were seized from beside houses in Molloway Place where they were penned in with nearly no room to even turn.

"The dead foal was found there are currently other ponies still held in that field which is basically a swamp."

Cllr Thomas Healy posted the horrific photo of the dead foal on social media saying, "I came across this poor unfortunate foal this morning when and the residents of the Woodland's Estate and I were looking at ways to address the on going flooding with the local engineer for Sligo Council Council, I have contacted the environment section of Sligo Council Council and we are waiting on a response."

      The dead foal left decomposing.
Photo: Cllr Thomas Healy.