Updated: 26/02/18 : 05:56:24
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Fixing the date for the next election

By Eugene McGloin
Political Editor

THE TREES are in their autumn beauty, the woodland paths are.....

The unmistakable images of Yeats honing in on October. Check his text.

Fix a Friday in the middle part of that month then to cast your vote.

Fine Gael has ‘a lot done and more to do,’ to borrow another unmistakable image, one from the Book of Bertie.

The view that Fine Gael has a lot done AND more to do is its own viewpoint (paraphrased) but it’s a view not shared by everybody else. 

Becher’s Brook

It is hard to see this inter party coalition get much past its third budget next October.

The vulture funds fiasco may do for Leo Varadkar what the bust and bailout austerity did for Fianna Fáil.

‘Denial’ was/is the Becher’s Brook in both those separate scenarios.

The poll outcome itself will be decided by whichever party best defines the issues. 

That is, the issues as decided by voters, and not by party viewpoints, think tanks, talk shops, focus groups or razzmatazz.

Fianna Fáil will be heartened by a lesson it once learned from Fine Gael.

Forty five years ago, February 28th 1973, the people of Ireland changed their government after four successive election wins for Fianna Fáil.

They did so because Fine Gael identified the election as ‘a bread and butter’ one, identified it EXACTLY as voters wished it to be seen.

Fianna Fáil wanted the poll to be about some airy fairy stuff it believed about itself at that time. 

Snow Job

A decade later, in February 1982, Fine Gael faced a whacking it lost a Budget vote.

But that government’s fate was sealed one month earlier by the January 1982 snowfall, the beast which mainly blitzed the east coast and Leinster.

Michael O’Leary was Tánaiste and his self regard for the ‘importance’ of that job too late saw the mini crisis caused by the mini blizzard, which he should have dealt with in his Cabinet ‘day Job.’

Such delusions as Fianna Fáil February 1973 and Labour February 1982 are a familiar failure, one seen emerging more recently,  in another party, February 2018!

Poll Meaningless

Yesterday’s Red C poll for The Sunday Business Post was mostly meaningless.

All the support changes, up and down, fell within the polling margins of error.

But we (probably) did glean some vital feedback from the poll.

Fine Gael had been under some impression the country was already on its knees, nodding assent to it, a mix of Messiah and Mecca.

Sligo Soirée

Let it not deny it; that was the subtext of the Sligo soirée, the day trip jaunt to The Whest.

Here’s the thing, though: Were voters in Dublin and Greater Leinster supposed to be impressed by the National Plan’s revised crossover to  Culchie-dom.

You see, shout the message in the latter fold too loud and the friends in the former fold go AWOL, become former friends.

The ‘Big Picture’ seldom wins Irish election. So, so many polls are decided by outgoing government’s cockups.....and cockiness. Same as Life, really.