Updated: 28/02/18 : 07:28:31
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Legal wording to avoid hard border to be published today

The legal wording of a deal to avoid a hard border with Northern Ireland is due to be published later.

It sets out how the political agreements reached before Christmas can actually be achieved.

The Irish Government are satisfied with the text agreed on in Brussels, and say it will avoid any return of a hard border with Northern Ireland.

It is thought Northern Ireland may be seen as part of the EU customs union post-Brexit.

This would mean the island of Ireland would be seen as one regulatory space requiring no internal border checks.

However, that is just the backstop option in the event of a worst-case-scenario Brexit deal.

Negotiators on all sides are still hopeful trade deals might be reached that will allow the flow of goods between Ireland and the UK without any border checks.

The legal text outlining all this is due to be published around noon.