Updated: 01/03/18 : 08:08:40
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Time has come for Britain to reveal their border plans says Coveney

Pressure is mounting on the British Government to outline how it proposes to deal with the Irish border after Brexit.

It follows yesterday's war of words over a draft EU agreement.

The document proposes keeping Northern Ireland in the customs union if no other solution is found.

British Prime Minister Theresa May dismissed the suggestion.

However, Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney says the time has come for Britain to reveal their border plans.

"What everybody wants is the detail of option A or option A and B together to try and solve the Irish issues through a comprehensive future relationship between the United Kingdom and the EU and of course that is what the British government is promising," said Minister Coveney.

"But we haven't seen the detail of that yet so the Irish government wants to work with the taskforce and the British government."