Updated: 05/03/18 : 06:39:19
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Sligo's Three Billboards for Choice

Sligo Abortion Rights Campaign will be taking to the town's streets this Thursday 8th March to celebrate International Women's Day 2018. They will be displaying their "Three Billboards For Choice" in different locations around Sligo town from 5:30pm.

100 years after the first women in Ireland got the right to vote, the campaigners want to encourage a discussion about why it is important that people vote yes to Repeal the 8th Amendment in the upcoming referendum.

Spokesperson Rachal Brady said, "In January our Taoiseach announced that his government will hold a referendum on the 8th Amendment and that he will be campaigning to liberalise Ireland’s abortion laws. Sligo Abortion Rights Campaign welcomed this news, and we have been more active than ever in recent months as we prepare for the referendum campaign.

“We will be holding more information stalls in more locations accross Co. Sligo and we will be canvassing door to door as we aim to speak to as many people as possible about the need for compassionate health care at home.

Ms Brady continued, “This need was highlighted by the recent extreme weather, which caused added stress and anxiety to women who are forced to travel to have an abortion, as they were affected by the travel disruptions. Women affected by these unforseen circumstances faced the need to re-book accommodation, child-care and time off work in order to access healthcare that should be available at home.”

"In light of this, Sligo Abortion Rights Campaign have decided to mark International Women’s Day by focusing on the campaign for abortion rights, as we know that the right to choose is an intrinsic part of women’s rights."