Updated: 06/03/18 : 05:37:19
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Oscars mix-up deprives 'Doc Leo’

By Eugene McGloin

THE OSCAR for Best Picture has again gone to the wrong winner, it emerged this morning.

“The Shape of Irish Water” was named for the top award.....but that was before they turned off all the taps.

But another Irish film has been privately invited to ‘stand by for a good news.

Seems the BIG-budget Irish blockbuster “Me, Myself, I” will be officially named as 2018 winner later this week.

It’s director is also the film’s on-screen star, Doctor Leo, who plays a variety of roles.

Last night  “The Government of Ireland” was reported on Reuter to be “just over the moon.”

Funds of five million will be offered for a “partnership” role in the making of the follow-up film “Good Man, Me.”

Meanwhile, the Cabinet will also be asked to approve a programme of rebuilding phone boxes in towns and villages across the country. 

“How else can we comfortably change into our Superman costumes if we don’t have the phone boxes,” said the Taoiseach.