Updated: 07/03/18 : 05:56:09
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Rally for Life to be “the biggest event of the campaign” – Save the 8th

Saturday’s Rally for Life with be the biggest event of the abortion campaign, with tens of thousands set to descend on Dublin just days after the Government launches its abortion bill, Save the 8th has said.

The campaign is expecting the event to be larger than last year’s rally, which drew an estimated 60,000 people to Dublin to hear speakers in Merrion Square. Pictured.

This year’s rally will come just two days after the Government’s abortion bill, which looks likely to be a cut and paste of the UK’s abortion laws, with two doctors required to certify an abortion.

The rally will hear from a range of speakers, including Doctors with a special gift for Senator Catherine Noone, who infamously claimed some weeks ago that she “could not find” any doctors who favoured saving the 8th amendment.

Speaking ahead of Saturday’s rally, Campaign Spokeswoman Niamh UiBhriain said:

“This will be the biggest event of the campaign, on either side. And it will be a direct response from the public to the extreme abortion law to be introduced by Minister Harris on Thursday.

It is becoming clear to the public that a YES vote is a vote for a copy and paste job of the UK abortion regime – right down to the laughable “two doctors” provision. In the UK, abortion clinics have pre-stamped application forms signed by doctors before they even know the name of the woman seeking the abortion.

This is not an abortion law that the Irish public want. Their understandable concerns have been taken by the pro-choice lobby and used in an attempt to clone one of the most extreme abortion regimes in the world.

This Saturday, a monster crowd will send the Government a direct message: We do not want this. We will fight it with all our strength. We will beat you.

Between now and polling day, our campaign will take this message to every home in Ireland. The Pro-Life movement is awake, strong, and ready for the fight”.