Updated: 07/03/18 : 06:25:39
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Judgement by Supreme Court this morning on rights of the unborn

The Supreme Court will give its judgment in Limerick this morning in a landmark case about the extent of the rights of the unborn.

The State has appealed a High Court finding that the unborn has constitutional rights beyond the right to life in the eighth amendment.

RTÉ reports that this is an immigration case involving a Nigerian man, his Irish partner and their child who was just over three weeks away from birth when the proceedings began.

The man wanted the Minister for Justice to revoke a deportation order made against him. The High Court found his unborn child had rights under the constitution beyond the right to life.

The State appealed the finding. It argued the only right the unborn has is the right to be born and all other constitutional rights, including the right to the care and company of a parent, take effect at birth.

It claimed, upholding the high court decision, would have a range of difficult to predict consequences.

Lawyers for the man, his partner and child, argued that the State's views were extreme. They submitted the Minster must consider an unborn child's existing or prospective rights in such a case.

The judgment comes just two weeks after the case was heard urgently, in advance of the planned referendum on repealing the 8th amendment.

The judgment will be broadcast on RTÉ News Now just after 10:30 this morning.