Updated: 07/03/18 : 13:34:01
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Launch of Sligo Environmental Network by French Erasmus students

The recent launch of the Sligo Environmental Network, a social media forum for local groups and individuals sharing an interest in and concern for the environmental, has been welcomed by the Irish Environmental Network (IEN).  Representing a broad range of environmental issues from wildlife conservation to climate change, the IEN is comprised of 29 nationally active Irish Environmental Non-Governmental Agencies (NGOs).

Two French Erasmus students in the Institute of Technology, Sligo, sisters Emma and Maurane Bettin, are responsible for the establishing of the Sligo Environmental Network (SEN) Facebook page (www.facebook.com/sligoenvironmentalnetwork) which provides a platform for people and communities in County Sligo, and elsewhere, with an environmental interest to gather, network, and exchange information. 

A key objective of the SEN is to connect and engage people and communities on the ground in Sligo in affecting positive changes in behaviour and policy at local levels.  This will be partially achieved through the sharing of knowledge, experience, and contacts, which will inspire actions and initiatives leading to healthier communities and a more sustainable environment.

The students have undertaken the development of the SEN, in partnership with the Environmental College representatives on the Sligo Public Participation Network, as a volunteering module project, part of the course delivered by Ms. Joanna Sweeney, Lecturer in IT Sligo’s Department of Marketing, Tourism & Sport, School of Business & Social Sciences.  As remarked by Emma Bettin, “the main role of this network is to bring people together and let them feel that they can change something at their level, by providing a platform where they can express themselves, share and act”.

The Network aims to be the primary environmental platform for County Sligo, a place where people will freely share events, promote volunteer opportunities and initiatives, ask and share advice on environmental matters, and generally raise the importance of addressing environmental issues at local levels.  If interested in joining the Network visit the Facebook page or contact the group at @SligoEnvironmentalNetwork.  To join the SEN’s newsletter list please email sligonetwork@gmail.com