Updated: 08/03/18 : 06:07:38
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BumbleAir takes Sligo girl (6) to Dublin for chemotherapy

BumbleAir is the second generation in transport from the Bumblance service. Bumblance is Ireland’s and the World’s first interactive ambulance service designed specifically for children.

The purpose of the service is to, "ensure that the journey of a sick child who needs ambulance transportation to and from a treatment centre and their home is the most safe and comfortable journey possible."

The company was founded by Tony and Mary Heffernan in 2013, as part of The Saoirse Foundation. In July 2017, the company expanded the Bumblance concept to include air transport and thus the BumbleAir was born.

It made its maiden voyage in July, flying a 12-year-old boy from Mayo to Dublin so that he could receive his cancer treatment. Since then, Tony has told RTÉ that they have received numerous donations which they need in order to fund the company.


He also told RTÉ that their next voyage was planned for yesterday Wednesday, March 7, to bring a six-year-old girl from Sligo to Dublin so that she can receive her chemotherapy. Speaking ahead of the trip, Tony said,  "We will be flying a 6-year-old girl called Soairse and her mum from Sligo airport to Dublin. She has a Wilms tumour and is currently undergoing chemo treatment every third Wednesday.

Normally, she travels by car which can take hours and be very stressful. Tomorrow, we will fly her from Sligo to Dublin in one hour."

The company has given an update on its Facebook page to say that the flight was a success and they captured the moment the helicopter arrived in Dublin.