Updated: 09/03/18 : 07:21:46
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Eight Amendment referendum bill for Dáil debate today

The government will reveal a policy paper this morning outlining what legislation will be introduced on abortion if the 8th Amendment is repealed. See link below.

Yesterday, cabinet approved a referendum bill and the Dáil will begin debating it today.

Minister for Health Simon Harris will begin the debate at 10.30am this morning and is expected to describe the regime he'd aim to bring in should a repeal vote be passed.

The question put to voters is expected to ask if there should be abortion without specific indication for up to 12 weeks.

If this legislation is passed, GPs and medical practitioners would lead the service, which will be done by administering abortion pills.

After the 12 week limit, abortions will be allowed in cases of fatal foetal abnormality, or where there's a risk to the life, health or mental health of the mother.

In such cases, two doctors will have to examine the mother, and there would be an appeals process if she isn't happy with the decision.

There would also be a cooling off period, whereby if a woman goes to seek an abortion, she would have to wait two or three days to consider it before being given an abortion pill.

Medical practitioners will also have a contentious objection, so if they don't feel comfortable allowing abortions they won't have to.

Link: Sligo Today 9/3/2018