Updated: 12/03/18 : 08:50:49
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Irish scam gang on the run in Australia

An Irish gang is accused of being behind a series of scams across Australia's Gold Coast.

Police say groups of men and women with children, have been targeting small business and elderly residents since January.

There are 12 separate incidents being investigated.

"They have swarmed a Gold Coast hotel but didn't find anything but police say this group of thieves have no fear of being identified or detected yet they still remain on the run," said Brittney Kleyn, a reporter with Nine News in Brisbane.

Tony Flemming from Queensland Police told 9 News in Brisbane, that some people have been scammed out of thousands of dollars.

“These are serious allegations and we’d very much like to hear their side of the story,” the detective superintendent said.

“Five men are alleged to have defrauded an elderly man of more than AUS$25,000 for repairs to a roof that wasn’t conducted.”

A number of people have been linked to the crimes, with police releasing images of
some they'd like to speak to.
Photo: 7 News